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#1 Supplier Northeast Pine Lumber – Wholesale Direct
Millions of BF sold | Small to Large Orders | Experience | Nationwide Delivery

pine shiplap
The Biggest Pine Shiplap Supplier

#1 in Eastern White Pine Shiplap. We have supplied millions of board feet of shiplap pine wholesale lumber across the country. Eastern White Pine shiplap is our best seller for flooring and siding/paneling.

pine wood wholsale
Square Edge Pine Lumber

The Biggest selection of Wholesale Pine lumber on the east coast. We offer Roughsawn, Smooth 1 side, Shorts, and many grades -premium-standard, down grades.

pattern pine paneling
 Pine Pattern Wholesale Lumber

Looking for wholesale pattern pine paneling, we have it all in pine patterns for exterior/interior: Edge and Center Bead, Pickwick, WP4, Center Match and more..

Eastern White Pine Lumber > Sandy Neck Traders

Stocked Inventory

Product – Sizes
Beaded Paneling – 1×6″, 1×8″
Premium S4S – 1×10″, 1×12″
S1S Shiplap – 1×6″- 1×12″
Square Edge RH – 1×3″, 1×4″, 1×6″
Extra Wide Knotty Pine Flooring – 14″, 16″, 18″
Rough Sawn Beams – 2x, 4x, 6x
Premium T&G – 1×6″-1×12″
Rough Dry Barn Board – 4/4″ x 12″
S4S Down Grade Selects – 1×4″- 1×12″
RH T&G – 1×8″
1×3 thru 1×12 Short Lumber – 2′, 4′, 6′, 8′

Eastern White Pine Truckloads to LTL

Sandy Neck Traders is your partner for eastern white pine lumber wholesale. We supply our pine to many businesses, furniture makers, craftsmen, and we are active participants in The Northeast Lumber Manufacturer’s Association (NeLMA), the grading association that supports Northeastern softwoods around the world.

  • Great value – we are in the market every day with all the best mills
  • Customer based inventories. We are in stock in the items you buy
  • Quick turnaround on special orders with trucks at the mills every day
  • Mixed load specialists. We ship partial trucks every day
  • We ship promptly from our warehouse and can mix species and any of our products
  • Material that is always kiln dried and agency graded, assuring quality and yield
  • A trusted product. Eastern White Pine looks good and performs well indoors and out


Questions? Send us a message.