Antique Heart Pine

We offer our reclaimed pine in flooring, mantels, siding, and in engineered and solid for the flooring options.

• Widths: 3″-10″ (for wider plank, call ahead)
• Engineered, Solid, Prefinished, Unfinished
• Grade samples: Naily, Select, Clean
• Siding and paneling also offered


Antique Heart Pine

Direct Partner. Millions of BF sold.

Build your business and designs with the standard of excellence in reclaimed antique heart pine. We have worked on many reclamation projects, working with states, private owners, and non-profits, to reclaim the best pine from structures in the US.

Whether you are looking for uniform reclaimed flooring for an apartment building to wanting to inventory and supply reclaimed heart pine, Sandy Neck Traders has been the leading partner to businesses for many years. Get in touch today – we would love to work with you.