Red Birch Flooring

We are well known for our inventory of Red Birch flooring – offered in prefinished, unfinished, engineered and solid.

• Widths: 2.25″-8″ (for wider plank, call)
• Engineered, Solid, Prefinished, Unfinished
• We offer custom milling
• Siding also offered

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Red Birch

Our Birch hardwood flooring contains warm, amber tones in every board bringing the signature colors and a unique appearance to any residential or commercial jobs.

Red Birch (Betula occidentalis) is a species of birch native to North America, in Canada and in the United States and southwestern Alaska. At times, hard to get with its growth cycle, Red Birch typically occurs along streams in mountainous regions. It is a shrub or small tree usually with multiple trunks. The truck and bark is typically dark red-brown to blackish, and smooth but not exfoliating.