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pine shorts
Pine Lumber Short Boards

#1 in Eastern White Pine Shorts for many uses in building, crafting, furniture, and design. We have many pine patterns available.

cedar short boards
Western Red Cedar Lumber Shorts

We have a great wholesale selection of cedar lumber. Offered in numerous grades and patterns, call us to get started today.

cedar lumber
Incense Cedar Lumber Short Boards

Hard to get quality mill direct incense cedar lumber is available with Sandy Neck as your partner. Our cedar lumber inventory stock is built on direct sourcing.

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Stocked Inventory

Eastern White Pine
Western Red Cedar
Incense Cedar
Douglas Fir
Surfacing and Grades
S4S Boards – 1/2″, 3/4, 5/4, 2x, 8/4
Patterns: WP4, E&CB, S1S2E
Industrial, Standard, Premium, Finish, Selects, Rough, 4/4, 5/4, 8/4
#3&BTR, STK, D&BTR, #1&BTR, Aye&BTR, Clears, CVG, Clear All Heart

Short Lumber Specialists since 1999.

Sandy Neck Traders warehouse a huge inventory of short lumber in many lumber species. Our on-hand inventory helps manufacturers control costs and retailers manage value and margin.

Great for crafters, furniture makers, builders, and more. We work with many to help with your wholesale building and manufacturing needs.

  • The material is always kiln dried and agency graded, assuring quality and yield
  • Units are easier to unload and stack in a small space so operational costs are lower
  • Convenient lengths are easier to handle at the saw and reduce cutting time
  • Units are presorted by width and grade, reducing selection time and come in lumber wraps for protection
  • Smaller 4’x6′ units make great self- displays for retail stack outs
  • We ship promptly from our warehouse and can mix species and any of our other products

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